Metro West
Plumbing and Gas Inspectors Association

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MWPGIA offers the opportunity for inspectors to gather and share information, attend informational meetings and seminars, and attend continuing education classes.

MWPGIA is involved in many aspects relating to the Plumbing and Gasfitting trades in Massachusetts and strives to ensure the licensee’s are aware, up to date, and accurately informed about trade related news, items, and topics.


Many transformations have happened along with the plumbing industry.
Some of the original members included  Harvey Matheson, Vernon Matheson, Tom Shahood Burt Schofield, Al Polomarenko, Ray Grenier who is still active as an inspector and at the MWPGIA.
The MWPGIA was dormant during the 1990's but has now flourished into an active association in the metrowest area.